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Eastside Pest Control is committed to providing the best pest control and Bed bug control service available, anywhere . That means that we are constantly researching new and better ways to service your needs. But our emphasis has always been on safety. Safety for our customers safety for the environment. Safety and effectiveness are what our reputation is built on.

Eastside Pest Control has worked to build a reputation that is unmatched by any pest company in the Seattle. It is a leadership position within our own industry that simply places you our customer first. We’ll do Whatever It Takes to keep you totally satisfied with us. That’s our promise to you.

Eastside pest control exterminators Management is a process in which pest risk is minimized while simultaneously minimizing risk associated with pest treatment such as pesticide exposure. Several decision making steps based on all available information to insure the appropriate treatment method is employed, and that   children, adults and pets are protected from the potential dangers from pests and the materials used to eliminate and prevent them.
Eastside pest control exterminators  Biology and Behavior – Knowing the specific pest’s life processes and its likes and dislikes enables our Customer Service Specialists to pin point only the areas that need attention. Providing the least amount of material used with the greatest effectiveness .

Happy rat at home by exterminators
Crack and Crevice treatments intentionally apply materials in areas difficult for children, adults and pets to contact.

bed-bug Treatments
Precision Targeting treatments are essential in order to attain the most efficient pest management without increasing risk. Precision targeting is placing the treatment material only where the pests are present and where people and pets are not present. Precision targeting uses the least amount of material necessary to resolve the pest problem.

German Cockroach

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