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There are two pest species of rats commonly found in domestic and commercial premises – the Roof rat and the Norway rat. The identification of each species is essential to formulate an effective control program.

Rats are commonly a problem where a building is located near waterways, creeks and canals or other places where ready water supply is available.

Rats and mice live in drains, under concrete, in sub-floors and in garbage areas, kitchens, roof voids and other areas where a potential food and moisture source is available. Rats often cause electrical fires in buildings by gnawing through plastic electrical junction boxes. Rats must constantly gnaw on hard objects to cut back their constantly growing incisor teeth.  They live in the most unsanitary places, and are carriers of serious health risks to humans from their droppings and constant incontinence (they use urine trails to find their way in the dark).
Sanitation / Housekeeping: Rodent pests thrive where food and water is readily available. All food stuffs should be kept in sealed containers or rooms. Garbage should be similarly stored. Water and food bowls for the pets or otherwise should not be left out at night as this will encourage a rodent infestation in the building.
Rodent proofing: As a preventive measure, we recommend that all potential rodent entry points into the building be sealed to physically exclude rats and mice from entering the building.
Professional tip of the rodents habits is essential to eradicate a problem, for example, rats avoid bait touched by human hand – they have an acute sense of smell “cunning as a rat”.
Rats can build nests inside your home, but you may also find evidence outside with rat burrows in the backyard. Outdoors, rats typically dig their burrows near building foundations or overgrown areas. You may also find them near a wood pile or under your garage. Rats in the backyard typically dig holds between 2 and 4 inches wide.
Indoors, rat nests are often found in attics, inside your walls or in hollow ceilings. Roof rats in particular tend to build above the ground instead of burrowing like the Norway rat.

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