Nuisance Wildlife Control

Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Wild animals in Seattle Eastside  have become displaced as the result of urban growth and removal of their habitat. While some species may move to other areas where natural habitat exists, some species actually thrive in urban settings. Species such as raccoons, opossums and even red foxes are becoming more common in urban areas and are frequently seen by people. However, these animals can also cause problems when they use a person’s attic for shelter, destroy shingles and soffits, and eat their garbage.

Humane, Professional Removal/and or Exclusion of skunks, squirrels, raccoons, and certain other species from residential, commercial or industrial properties at reasonable rates.

Nuisance Wildlife control

Wildlife Solutions resolves wildlife problems humanely, using proven techniques that are safe for your family and pests. Our animal trapping and removal services include sugar ants control,bat removal, rat control, mice control, pigeon control, skunk removal, squirrel control, raccoon removal, bird control, and much more. Our commitment to provide quality, affordable wildlife pest control services makes us the best choice for homeowners, property managers, businesses, and governments

Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Most wildlife will be removed using catch and release cage traps that capture the animals without harm for future release. Our technicians are also skilled at repairing the structural damage caused by nuisance wildlife including screening off vents or closing holes with sheet metal or wire mesh. Eastside pest control can install chimney caps to prevent further infestation.

Nuisance Wildlife Management

As pest control professionals our objective is find the conditions conducive to this pest infestations. Our technician at 425 691 7775 will get you start in the right direction.


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