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Mouse exclusion, trapping and control experts have got this down to a science. so if there are sounds in the attic and the crawl space, there may be more than one problem. Noises in the attic might also be Bats, rats, mice or squirrels. The time when they are active will be a clue. Squirrels are active during the day. Bat, Mice and rats are usually active at night.

Keep in mind that whether in the attic or the crawlspace, mice and rats can be destructive by their gnawing of electric and telephone wiring. They also carry ectoparasites, such as fleas, and are known to spread disease,a number one cause of allergies in a home or building not to mention the long term effects.The picture above shows Mice and rats droppings and yellow stains on the insulation a sign of activity from urinating and defecating frequently, adding to the hazards


After all the damaged insulation, food sources, nests, rats mice dropping are removed, clean up and sanitized. Eastside pest control exterminators take some time to inspect the exterior of your house looking for any potential entry point. It may be a small opening that seems harmless or something larger. Particularly, pay attention to cracks, openings around wiring or pipes, and garage and other doors providing access to interior areas. Finding potentially enter mice entry points to block . A mouse only needs an opening the size of a dime to enter your home. When inspecting upstairs, be sure to check the roof. Trim any tree limbs that are hanging over the house.

When rodents, live animals, water, or even time are introduced to your crawl or attic space, the outcome often results in damage. When this happens, you may need elimination of the rodent or animal infestation; a removal of insulation, vapor barrier, other materials and carcasses, odor control, sanitizing, exclusion, ventilation, and an install of new insulation & vapor barrier, or other materials.

Rodent damaged Crawl space insulation is removed by cutting the twine, removing slats or wood laths, or removing the tension wires which were holding the insulation in place, pulling down any remaining insulation, bagging it, and then removing it from underneath your home. All materials removed by Eastside pest control Insulation are properly disposed of at a local transfer station.



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