Getting rid of mice

Mice extermination exterminators Pest control services can help provide alternative solutions in order to eradicate rodents from houses or building in a safe manner. Identifying the correct rodent culprit and understanding their behavior can help select the right rodent control solution and help prevent future infestations. Mice destroy food, books, furniture and even appliances with their gnawing, urine and droppings. mice in the home have been known to cause a number of human diseases, including asthma. Because of their small size, they can fit through crevices as small as 1/4 inch wide, making them hard to control.

This picture shows mice damage in an attic and crawlspace in a west Seattle home.

Attic Rodent Damagepest control pictures 002

Mouse in the house?

Watch for mouse droppings and nests in storage areas, such as garages and basements. Nests are usually made of materials like bits of cloth or shredded paper.

How to get rid of mice

  • Get rid of any and all open food sources that mice can reach.
  • Sweep floors and vacuum carpets and rugs to rid of the area of errant crumbs and avoid mice.
  • Close up any holes and entry points where mice can enter the home.
  • While you can trap mice individually through traps, they are difficult to get rid of entirely.
  • Mice extermination is best handled by professionals with the right equipment. Call today!

Mice Controlmice pest control pictures The picture shows a mice entry point

  • Mice are the most widespread and populous species of rodent in the United States. While they sometimes make lovable pets, wild mice can be a serious nuisance in the home. They can eat and contaminate food supplies, spread disease, damage valued plants, and even cause structural damage your home. Mice are capable of surviving in almost any environment. They are extremely adept at finding small, difficult to reach locations to live and breed in, making mouse extermination a difficult task.Without proper prevention and protection, mouse populations can increase rapidly. Mice typically form nests in old newspaper, cardboard, and even insulation material. They are capable of destroying food, expensive furniture, books, and clothing through gnawing, urine, and feces. They also breed prolifically and rapidly, so even a small number of mice should not be overlooked!
    A pest management company can offer a solution to mice infestations. With professional exterminators, homeowners get the treatment that they need in order to receive the mice solution they seek. The best part of hiring an experienced exterminator is that they have the knowledge and expertise to do it right from the beginning. Call a professional exterminator today!

Mice Removal

  • •Pest control providers should guarantee a mice solution in a timely fashion once notified of the problem.

  • •Qualified pest exterminators should be able to eliminate mice humanely and safely, without leaving dangerous poisons or traps around your home.

Mice Extermination

  • Mice are one of the most adaptable mammals on the planet and are capable of surviving in a wide-range of environments from fields and wooded areas to urban centers. They are expert food scavengers and can eat a variety of plants and food scraps. Their small size also makes it easy for them to seek shelter in a variety of settings. Unfortunately, this means that mice are able to easily survive within your home as pests. Because mice are nocturnal, they are much more active during the nighttime, making it difficult to locate their nests. There are a variety of products on the market to help homeowners get rid of mice. These include a range of traps and repellent sprays which promise to assist in mouse extermination. Although these items can be effective, larger infestations often require professional mouse extermination services. If you have an infestation of mice, your home may be susceptible to damage. Mice have large front teeth that they use for chewing and often gnaw through furniture and electrical wires. They can also cause serious health problems with individuals who come in contact with them. Because they often live in unsanitary conditions, mice arevehicles to spread disease. Mice also carry parasites that are harmful to human health; additionally, their feces feature high levels of bacteria and can contaminate food sources.

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Disposal of Dead Rodents : Get a mice exterminator on the phone at 425 691 7775

Professional tip: Dont not put poison in a closed areas.

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