The art of effective Rodent Pest Control for rats in a homes of residents of seattle

The most commonly found rat pest in seattle metro king county area is the Norway rat. Norway rats, sometimes called brown or sewer rats, are identifiable by their stocky, gray-brown bodies. Their tails are shorter than their body length and their ears and eyes are small relative to their body. Norway rats are larger than most other rat species. They burrow in gardens and fields, as well as beneath building foundations, trash or woodpiles. Norway rats line their nests with fibrous materials .

Downtown Seattle’s Commercial Businesses Rat Infested:
Downtown Seattle’s Commercial Businesses including construction sites are
infested with rats. The nasty pests can be year round problems. Rats are
continuously foraging for  shelter, food and water. Construction sites are
plentiful in the downtown area of Seattle and ideal spots for rats to
settle into. Construction crews may leave behind food scraps and liquids.
Commercial businesses like restaurants  are highly susceptible to rat
infestations. Do it yourself methods are not meant to handle rat
infestations of this magnitude. Two businesses affected were a restaurant
and a new building construction site. After receiving reports of rat
sightings the managers knew this could be serious. Any time a few rats are
seen could grow into something epic. A rat infestation demanded a pest
control service company’s expertise. Both businesses got referred to AMPM
Exterminators. The managers both decided to go with this pest control
company. The business associates recommendation to utilize AMPM AMPM
Exterminators was a lifesaver. It was high priority to get rid of the rats
with experienced and professional technicians.
Disease and airborne bacteria are possible:
Rats can and will cause a stressful  environment. Employees and the public
are at high risk for disease and airborne bacteria. Last year there were
reports of rat airborne bacteria that was very serious. Neither of the
business owners could  put off taking care of the rat infestation. Both
owners understood the dangers of contracting various diseases through
contact with the rat droppings, nesting areas, or food that has been
contaminated. There were television reports that airborne germs proved
fatal in the Puget Sound Area due to rats. This could be deadly. Why take
such a high risk in not using a professional pest control eliminator. AMPM
Exterminators was ready and able to provide the rat elimination service and
Massive damage and financial loss to commercial businesses:

Rats can leave behind massive damage to the properties that are rat
infested. Financial loss is inevitable and costly. Attics and crawl spaces
are contaminated due to droppings and urine and a whole separate service
and cost. Nasty rats love to chew on electrical wires and wood. As horrible
as it sounds rats will eat contaminated food and animal feces. Rats destroy
peace of mind and creates a feeling of being unsafe for employees and
owners. Which can result in absenteeism from work. No one wants to work in
those type of conditions. Making the potential for financial loss in so
many ways. Just imagine the inventory that would be lost due to
contamination. It definitely was time to bring in the big guns and AMPM
Exterminators was loaded for action.
Downtown Seattle Construction Sites Rat Infested:
Construction sites are a constant in Seattle. Take a look at downtown.
Warehouses such as food distributors are plentiful. It’s Spring time in
Seattle and the rat population is ready for Summer. It’s like rats radar is
working overtime for bountiful food and water findings. The rodents do love
all Seasons and are always on the move. The construction site and
restaurant business owners set up meetings to alert staff that AMPM
Exterminators technicians  were on the way to to get rid of the huge rat
infestations. Hiring a professional pest control company experienced in rat
infestations was number one on the list. AMPM Exterminators ready and able.
Businesses needed to be open for business.
AMPM Exterminators Rat Infestation services:

First and foremost it was a relief to the owners to contact a Seattle area
pest control company like AMPM Exterminators. The technicians are
experienced and specialize in rodent extermination. The level of expertise
provided takes care of the elimination of rats and the technicians are very
thorough.The technicians spoke with owners and  business managers at both
locations to discuss the findings and how services would be applied. The
first step would be to check the perimeter of the sites for entry points
into the properties. Holes, cracks or crevices found would be sealed to
prevent any further entry points yo the rats. The AMPM Exterminators
professional explained there were mandatory steps to follow for a
successful infestation elimination. Adamantly advising the owners not to
skip a step. If instructions are not followed to a tee then it’s back to
square one. The AMPM Exterminators technician provided the necessary steps
to follow. Such as the necessity for daily hygiene. Keeping and enforcing
routines that included cleaning and disinfecting areas where food is
stored. For the construction site for new homes it was very important to
keep the area free of garbage. Remember that rodents can fit through tiny
holes the size quarters and will get into or around the premises. A
disturbing sight to see around restaurants are overflowing garbage
dumpsters. Definitely an invitation for rats to come on in. Prevention
services were retained for monthly services for both the downtown Seattle
restaurant and construction site for rat control. AMPM Exterminators was
successful again and the restaurant and construction site owners were
relieved that the job got done quickly and successfully. Giving AMPM
Exterminators kudos for a job well done.


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