Mice also will chew on the insulation around wires. Causing a real threat of fire. Mice will even build their nests in large electrical appliances, again chewing on or through insulation and wiring, which can cause the appliance to short circuit, malfunction, or lead to risk of fire. The mice have no respect for any item gnawing on and into just about any chewable item that is stored in the attic, basement, garage or closet including irreplaceable family heirlooms, valuables.

Exterminators Rats And Mice Settling In Downtown Seattle
Beautiful Spring weather and Rats and Mice are settling into downtown
Seattle and outlying areas. Restaurants in the north and south areas of
downtown are being infested. Residential buildings and midtown restaurants
are also being overrun with the nasty rodents. For infestations this size
is a serious matter. The creepy pests reproduce at a very high rate and
will overrun homes or business in a short span of time. Pest control
services was not an option but rather a necessity. In this case restaurant
owners wanted to get rid of the rats and mice immediately. Who to call but
AMPM Exterminators.
Anything nastier than rats and mice:
The disgusting rats and mice are nasty and  leave behind urine, feces and
afterbirth. Even luckier are the dead rats and mice that are found.
Insulation in attics and crawl spaces are huge targets and are additional
services and costs to customer. Rats and mice will gnaw on insulation and
electrical wiring that can result in a fire. Downtown Seattle restaurant
owners in North, midtown and South all recently contacted  professional
pest control. Ironically all restaurant owners affected by rats and mice
infestation were referred to AMPM Exterminators to get rid of the rat and
mice infestation.
Rats and Mice Can Have Easy Access:
The physical makeup of a rat and mouse allows entry into areas the size of
a quarter.   Some kitchen back doors are left open for ventilation or for
food deliveries. Bad bad mistake. Rats are swift and can be inside in a
second. Open garbage bins outside and open garbage cans inside are open
invitations to the rats and mice. It cannot be stressed enough why the
professional eliminator’s priority is to do a perimeter check of the
premises. The keywords are perimeter check. All entry points have to be
sealed up to prevent further access into the building. That’s where AMPM
Exterminators technicians expertise come into play.
Restaurant can provide smorgasbords for rats:

The AMPM Exterminators Pest Control expert inspected the entire premises.
Beginning with the perimeter looking for holes, cracks and crevices giving
access to the restaurant. Goal is to prevent further entry. All floor
drains must be tightly sealed. Trash cans and garbage dumpster lids need to
be securely closed. Kitchen equipment and appliances must be cleaned on a
daily basis. Never leave unwashed items in the sink. Drains should be free
of food garbage. Rats can sniff out food in all possible places. Check all
opened boxes or food storage bins daily. Rats are ingenious in finding ways
to hide and nest. Taking all of the precautions and practicing daily
cleansing the restaurant won’t be offering smorgasbords for rats and mice.
AMPM Exterminators is ready and able to eliminate the rat and mice
Preventative measures:
Proper sanitation is imperative for the restaurant owners. Keeping the
premises clean will be one of the deciding factors  in keeping the business
open and profitable. One of the mandatory restaurant rules is that the
outdoor garbage bins and indoor trash can lids must be tightly sealed.
Think about the smorgasbord that is being being offered in the garbage
containers. Employees should be cleaning throughout the day. Managers and
owners should spot check the restaurant often. The perimeter of the
building also should be checked on a regular basis. Restaurant owners can
only stay open if precautionary measures are taken. The restaurant owners
will be protecting against the loss of income due to a rat infestation. It
only takes one customer to see a rat or mouse and that is the worst
publicity ever. Worse are customers posting on social media. People may
call the Health Department and report rodent sightings.Customers leaving
behind unpaid tabs behind which would definitely prove costly. Financial
loss and the Health Department can shut the business down. Don’t wait,
don’t hesitate. Call AMPM Exterminators for pest control professional
All three restaurant owners chose  AMPM Exterminators:
The Seattle downtown restaurant rat and mice infestation is populating at a
high rate. The three restaurant owners hired AMPM  Exterminators to take
care of the rat and mice infestations. There was another restaurant owner
that did everything possible to investigate and even set traps. But the
self-help method did not work. Only a few rats were caught in traps and
nobody wanted to get rid of the dead rodents. Which meant there were dead
rats sitting around causing foul odor and the  opportunity for airborne
bacteria was high. The best decision was made to call AMPM Exterminators
for the professional expertise needed to exterminate the restaurant rat
infestation. A parting thought would be to protect your asset, the
restaurant and property. AMPM Exterminators was able to get rid of the rat
infestations and the owners opted for a recurring monthly service to
prevent future rat and mice issues. The services proved beneficial and
after a month the owners changed to bi-monthly services. The restaurant
owners were satisfied with the successful exterminations. One owner that
got  the recommendation from his business associate to call AMPM
Exterminators was thankful.


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