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Greater Seattle Experiencing Bedbug Infestation:
Bedbug Infestations are running rampant in the Greater Seattle area. It is
unbelievable how  even just one Christmas Season traveler could pack the
blood suckers to and from a destination. The Holiday Season brings mass
traveling and definitely the chance to bring home some unwanted souvenirs.
But not the kind the traveler wanted. A Redmond, WA family had flown to New
York City for Christmas. Think about how many people fly at this time of
year. Which makes it highly likely that bedbugs are being the most given
gift during this Holiday season. The Kirkland family got home and
discovered the beginnings of a huge bedbug infestation.  The next morning
the children were complaining about being bit by something and scratching
like crazy. Dad checked the children’s beds and found dark blood stains and
a live bedbug in the creases of the mattresses. Bedbugs catch a ride on
clothing, suitcases, backpacks etc. The homeowner wasted no time in calling
AMPM Exterminators. A company the husband had used for other pest control
in the past. The professional Bedbug busters were ready to get the job done.
How can this happen:
The Kirkland WA family had gone on a 14 day vacation to New York City. So
there was ample opportunity to pick up the bed bugs. The little hitchhikers
caught a ride on luggage, tote bags and garment bags. The bed bugs got on
board at the hotel. The other source was in the car rental that had velvet
covered seats where the little vampires nestled in. The homeowner thought
about all the places visited during the vacation and now knew that this was
a huge problem and an experienced pest control specialist was needed to
take care of the problem. The homeowner already made the decision to call
AMPM Exterminators. The experienced technician spoke with the Kirkland
homeowner about the steps for preparation that needed to be take. Miss a
step and the whole process of bedbug infestation could be compromised.
Identifying a bed bug is first step to verifying the infestation:

The homeowner emailed  pictures of the bug to AMPM Exterminators and gave a
physical description of locations where the pests were found. A big clue
was the dark blood stains found on bedding. The Dad learned that adult bed
bugs are brown/red, flat and wingless. Bedbugs are oval shaped, 4-5 mm in
length and can run fast. After dining on human blood the pests turn to a
deep red and will become engorged. An AMPM Exterminators technician
identified the pests to be bedbugs. Secondly, went over the required steps
needed to be taken to prepare for the bed bug exterminator service. The
preparation steps can take a few days before the extermination takes place.
If instructions are not followed may mean starting all over again.
Steps and measures to take for a successful Bed Bug elimination:
The AMPM Exterminators technician discussed all of the following steps to
take before services could be rendered. Vacuuming needed to be done of
entire home, mattresses and fabric furniture. Dispose of vacuum bags full
bags outside garbage immediately. Everything washed in hot water and  dried
20 minutes and longer. Bag all laundry in plastic bags, sealed and marked
washed. All bedding and pillows be sealed in plastic bags marked washed.
Specially made bed bug cover encasements to put headboards and mattresses
into and sealed can be bought at hardware stores. Clean out all clutter.
Family told when returning home  clothing had be removed in the bathroom.
Put in plastic bag and labeled dirty. Doing laundry as soon as possible was
highly recommended. Closets were emptied and contents bagged. It’s time for
the work to be done. AMPM Exterminators professional pest eliminator was
ready to get the job done.
AMPM Exterminators verified steps followed and ready to exterminate the
The AMPM Exterminators professional Exterminator verified that the the
workflow instructions were completed . The service included steps for after
treatment. AM Exterminators professional stressed  the importance of
following all instructions and steps for a successful treatment to get rid
of the bed bugs. If the workflow was not adhered to than the extermination
service would have to be repeated. The Kirkland  WA travellers were so
relieved that the stress that had taken over lives was over. Thanks to AMPM
Exterminators who goes the whole nine yards to get the job done.

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