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carpenter ant

Carpenter Ants are a problem when they forage into your home. You may see only one or two an evening, but even this small amount means you have a nest or scent trail which needs attention. Another sign you have a carpenter ant infestation is if you happen to find a lot of large black ants with wings. Like most any ant, carpenter ants generate “swarmers”, or winged reproductives, whose sole purpose is to leave an existing nest to fly away and land somewhere to start a new nest. These swarmers tend to be released during the spring but may be found at any time. If you are finding these in the home, chances are there is a nest located somewhere on the structure. This video shows an actual carpenter ant nest that was created in a deer feeder just outside a home. From this nest the ants could invade several homes and cause all kinds of problems. More importantly, if left untreated, these carpenter ants would undoubtedly create many more nests. Watch carefully and you’ll be able to see some swarmers, the ones with wings, as well as all different sized

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