Pest Control: Kent, Wa Commercial Pest control businesses

Commercial Pest extermination service and customer satisfaction. Pest Solutions has been providing expert pest control solutions to protect health, families, businesses and properties against pests of all kinds. We believe in solving pest problems at the source, utilizing the latest industry technology available and an old fashioned personalized approach to your unique situation, helping you to rest easy.
Whether you’re experiencing problems with bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, mice, wasps, Cockroaches or ants. With all of our services, we solve problems, not just treat symptoms like a lot of other companies out there. We trace issues back to root sources with thorough inspections, devise plans of action to prevent problems from reoccurring and look to product applications as a last resort, keeping your health and property in mind the whole way through. we’ll form a perfect plan to meet your unique needs, work together as a team, and solve your pest problem in the greenest way possible.
Botanical and organic products available as an alternative to synthetic chemicals
Heat Treatments for bed bugs (Thermal Remediation)
Chemical-free termite treatments

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