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Seattle Homes and Businesses Battle Bed Bugs
Bedbugs have arrived in Seattle homes and Commercial businesses.

The little vampires can be a horrifying and  embarrassing situation. Currently,Seattle residents and Commercial businesses are being infiltrated by BedBugs. Numerous infestations are being reported and  growing at a steady rate. It is the Holiday Season and Thanksgiving brought unwanted guests. As a result pest control is in huge demand in Seattle and surrounding cities.
Call AMPM Exterminators.
Bedbugs alive and well in Seattle:
The coin phrase “Don’t let the bedbugs bite” is not happening in Seattle.
Quite the contrary. The nasty pests made it to the EPA’s list  for rising
populations. The nasty bugs have joined other insects such as cockroaches,
mosquitoes and even lice on the EPA list. Bedbug infestation has been
feeding on humans and animals for years. The homeowners question is how to
get rid of bedbugs. The answer lies in the hands of a professional and
experienced bedbug control eliminator. A Seattle homeowner and clinic
searched online and opted for AMPM Exterminators.

Year round travel brings cockroaches:
Bed bug infestations are being reported in Seattle in high numbers. High
Holiday travel season is here and people are getting ready to get out of
town. As stated earlier Thanksgiving holiday brought unwanted guests. The
pests can and will hitch rides both on and in suitcases, garment bags,
totes and even purses. The travelers are unaware if the accommodations
chosen are infested or not. That is the chance people take when staying in
hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts etc. Travel is a huge reason for getting
bed bug infestations and once inside the population explodes. Just like
thieves in the night and day the hunt is on for human and animal blood.
This type of infestation will not go away by killing a few as more are in
hiding. First thing to do would be to positively identify the insect. Take
a photo and send online to the pest control chosen for verification. In
this case the Seattle homeowner and clinic manager chose AMPM
AMPM Exterminators identified the bedbugs:

The owner did go online and sent photos of the bugs via email to AMPM
Exterminators. Included  with the photos were important details of
locations where the bedbugs were being seen in the home. The black stains
on sheets and bedding were huge clues. The homeowner saw the adult bed bugs
that were reddish brown, flat and wingless. An important fact to know and
remember is that once a bedbug has eaten it swells up and turns deep red.
This was one of the pieces of information shared by the owner to a AMPM
Exterminators technician that verified the infestation.
How to get rid of the Bed Bugs:
The customer received a return call from an AMPM Exterminators
professional. The  experienced technician walked the owner through the
preparation stages for the service. The steps had to be followed to a tee
to get ready for the bed bug exterminator service. Vacuuming the entire
home was necessary to pick up bed bugs and it’s eggs. All mattresses would
need to be vacuumed along with bed frames and headboards.  Baseboards and
anything near the beds also had to be vacuumed. Bed bugs dwell in fabric
furniture so any chairs, sofas or ottomans in the rooms would need to be
vacuumed. After the completion of vacuuming was done the vacuum bag had to
be put in a plastic bag, sealed and put outside in the garbage immediately.
Laundry washed, bagged and labeled along with other items in the home:
Clothes and bedding  were to be washed in very hot water and dried on high
20 minutes plus. The professional pest control technician also  suggested
to do the laundry at a laundromat. Once the laundry was done it was
stressed to the owner the need to bag all pieces in plastic bags, sealed,
dated and marked washed. Also after laundering the bedding and pillows had
to be sealed in plastic bags once and marked washed and dated. There are
specially made bed bug cover bags  to put headboards and mattresses into
and sealed. The ideal made bags can be found at hardware stores. Getting
rid of clutter and throwing out things that are not being used is crucial.
It is very to important to remember that when the residents come back to
the home to change in a designated area such as the bathroom. Do the
laundry as soon as possible and follow the recommended steps.  Closets had
to emptied and all contents bagged. It is critical that AMPM Exterminators
technicians preparation steps are followed precisely as given. Otherwise
the pest control technician would have to start the entire process all over
again. Time is of the essence. AMPM Exterminators provided successful
treatments and the Seattle homeowner and clinic manager were satisfied with
the service.  Referrals were given to family and friends because AMPM
Exterminators got the job done.


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