Structural damage from moisture ants

If multiple winged moisture ants are found around the house, do not immediately assume that you have an ant problem. Many winged ants become trapped in houses and collect on the windowsill during swarming season. Instead of looking for a treatment for the problem, begin to inspect your house.

Since moisture ants prefer to nest in rotting wood, look for areas of your home that are susceptible to excess moisture. Check wood near gutters, leaky plumbing, windowsills and drains where wood can become damp. Also look for wood that comes into contact with soil, such as porch steps, support beams and low siding.

Investigate rotting wood for evidence of ant activity. Look for tunneling and sawdust. If damage is found, confirm that it is moisture ants causing the damage. Wood damaged by moisture ants is cardboard-like in appearance. Many other destructive wood-nesting pests, such as carpenter ants and termites, may be causing the damage and treatment of these pests may differ.

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