Renton , Wa. Resident Needs Yellow Jackets Gone :
Yellow jackets are very aggressive pests that have a mean sting and bite.
The sounds of buzzing is in the air. We are two weeks away from Summer and
the pests are already here. The stinging pests are a bright yellow and
black and can be found outdoors, in attics, open carports, garages and many
other structures. A Renton, Wa. resident learned that yellow jackets are
not just Summer pests. Yellow jackets are actually a type of Wasp and often
mistaken for bees. The Renton homeowner needed Yellow jacket removal from the attic and as soon as possible. AMPM Exterminators elimination of the swarming and stinging pests.
What are Yellow Jackets looking for:
The Yellow Jackets are constantly searching  for sweet foods, sweet
liquids, meat for protein and even insects. Summer warm weather attracts
the  yellow jackets. The stinging pests are drawn to protein sources such
as food on the grill due to Summer outdoor activities. But also love
insects and  garbage. But keep in Yellow jackets can be year round
problems. The yellow jackets definitely enjoy all types of sweets, soda pop
and juice. Inseminated queens tend to reside in attics. Yellow jackets can
and  will attack humans and can be deadly. Especially if allergic to the
Yellow Jackets sting. The stinger does not drop off. Do it yourself methods
to get rid of the pests is not recommended. Opt for professional pest
control service. The Renton, WA. Homeowner did not hesitate to contact AMPM

Yellow Jackets can be dangerous:

Yellowjackets are very aggressive. More so than other stinging insects such
as Hornets,  Mud Daubers, Bees and Wasps. Yellowjackets can sting and bite.
Since the pests do not lose the stinger, it can sting many times.
Yellowjackets vigorously protect the nests. Swarm attacks can and will
occur if someone accidentally steps in or hits a nest opening. Mowing lawns
can be hazardous during the late Summer season when colonies are huge. It’s
best to call on a professional pest eliminator. AMPM Exterminators covers
the Renton  area and many others cities in the outlying areas of Seattle.
Use safety tips for prevention:
Yellowjackets can be unpredictable and very aggressive. Especially in late
summer when the colonies are at the largest. Follow the AMPM Exterminators
technicians list of precautionary methods. Look before taking a drink is an
excellent precaution. Because Yellow Jackets are very attracted to sweet
beverages. Remember to keep all garbage in tight lid cans. Remain calm
because when individuals start flailing arms and swatting  than the yellow
jackets get very aggressive.
When finding a nest do not like at it or try to move it. Safer to call a
Pest Control professional. Trying to remove would  probably be more
dangerous one would think. Crushing or smashing a yellow jacket is not
advisable. The Yellow Jackets give off an alarm pheromone that alerts
others in the area to attack. Keep children  away from overgrown or wooded
areas which are prime nesting sites for yellow jackets. Don’t use gasoline
to try to eliminate a yellowjacket nest. It’s dangerous and environmentally

Tips for victims of a yellow jacket sting:
To remove venom wash the spot with soap and water. Apply cold water, icy
cold wet cloth or a paste of meat tenderizer and water.
Give the sting victim a pain reliever or antihistamine to reduce swelling.
Calamine products  help to reduce itching. Have the sting victim lie down.
Lower the stung arm or leg below the heart. Do not drink alcohol or take
sedatives. If the sting is to the throat or mouth, seek medical attention
immediately. Swelling can lead to suffocation. Know the signs of allergic
reactions. It’s time to call AMPM Exterminators for professional services
to eliminate the Yellow Jacket invasion.

AMPM Exterminators
Professional pest control company with exterminators for bed bugs, little
black sugar ants, carpenter ants, rat control, house mice, rodent control,
birds, beetles, moths, flies, termites, wasps,Yellow Jackets and more.
Cities such as Renton, Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Sammamish,
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Mouse Control, Rodent, Carpenter Ants, Spider control are available to
residential including single family residences, apartments, commercial
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Restoration including cleaning, sanitizing. Email or text  questions and
service fees. It is much easier, faster and cheaper to get rid of any pest
by using a professional pest control eliminator.Every home is different
repair costs may vary.After years of experienced inspections, our clients
deserve customized solutions for pest problems. Learn more by contacting
AMPM Exterminators who will provide the professional services needed. The
Renton, WA. Homeowner was more than satisfied to get rid of the Yellow

it’s common to find yellow jackets in the attic, in the garage, in the soffit and eaves of a house because these locations in the area are often untouched on a daily basis and provide ample protection from the elements of weather, humans and other animals and insects. It is rare to find a nest in the area in the main living quarters of a house 98058.

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