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Ants, are attracted to moisture. To prevent black pavement ants, eliminate standing water around the home. Keep tree branches and other plants cut back from the house. Sometimes pavement ants use these branches to get into your home. Make sure that there are no cracks or little openings around your house. Ensure firewood and building materials are not stored next to your home because pavement ants like to build nests in stacks of wood. Indoors, clean up spills and crumbs .

Pesky Little Black Ants In All Seattle Areas
Little Black Ants can infest year round in Seattle. The little Sugar Ants
can and will infest residences and Commercial businesses. Some of the
surrounding Cities being ant infested are Bellevue, Kent, Renton, Tacoma
and Mercer Island. All areas North, South, East and West of Seattle are
also being little black ant invaded. The ant armies are marching and
invading residences like homes, apartments and condominiums. Commercial
Businesses and outdoor structures are also being targeted by the little
Black ants. The pesky pests are continually on missions for food, water and
places to set up ant army bases. How to get rid of the ants is to hire a
professional pest control eliminator to ambush the ant infestations. Call
AMPM Exterminators.
Do it yourself methods not always effective:
Recently, residence and business owners in Renton found that little black
ants had set up shop. A home and a restaurant both located in Renton, in
the same vicinity, discovered little black ants had invaded. The
infestation was bigger than being able to use do-it-yourself methods and
over-the-counter products.  That was not an option for this magnitude of
ant problem. Because ants reproduce rapidly means this had to be dealt with
immediately. The home and restaurant owners wasted no time in setting up
appointments. AMPM Exterminators was the preferred choice after an online
research. The calvary was on the way.

How does someone get rid of the little Black ants:
Ever wonder where the ant armies come from. The Queen ant decides where to
set up colony nests. Little Black Ants are constantly  on the move. There
can definitely be more than one colony set up inside and outdoors. Little
Black ants need to eat to survive and keep the offspring nourished. The
pesky pests are definitely a nuisance and can cause anxiety and stress. The
little black ants also invaded North Seattle areas. Infestations too
enormous to battle with over the counter products. The homeowners called
AMPM Exterminators to bring on the cavalry to exterminate the little Black
Little black ants can get inside:
Little Black Ants have no problem finding access to homes and businesses.
The ants will find openings such as cracks, holes and crevices. The pesky
pests can make homes in walls in both homes and businesses.  Locating an
ant infestation whether it’s inside or outside is the first step. Finding
the nests in the North Seattle residence was priority. This would determine
where to apply the pesticide treatments and how many sites were infested.
AMPM Exterminators knows exactly what to do to get rid of Ant infestations.
Prevention tips for little black ants invasions:
Kitchens are prime targets due to food sources. Keep countertops and tables
cleansed on a daily basis. Keep all floors swept and mopped. Do not  leave
open containers out on counters. Clean up spills immediately. Ants love
juice, pop and other liquids. Garbage cans inside or outside should have
lids on it and tightly shut. Clean kitchen cupboard shelves and food
pantries and discard old perishables. All open boxes of dried goods should
be put in sealed containers or zip lock bags. The list of preventative
things is endless. This will help clean up the scented trails that are left
behind. The North Seattle homeowners opted for AMPM Exterminators. A
company that provides successful elimination pest control services in all
areas of  Seattle and surrounding cities.
Infestation was little Black Ants and pest eliminator is the ticket:

It was verified the North Seattle and Renton  home and business owners had
little black ant Infestations. The war against ant infestation will and can
be an ongoing battle. For example, the scent trail does run between
colonies and food sources. But also the pheromone trails can lead ants to
other established colonies. Which  gives the ants a safe haven from treated
AMPM Exterminators armed and ready:
From calls and online searches the best Ant Pest Control expert was decided
on. AMPM Exterminators is a company that will provide experienced pest
control services to Exterminate Ant Infestations that invade homes or
businesses.  The Ant infestation treatments provided by an AMPM Pest
Control professional meant the owners needed to have a dedication to
following strict guidelines for prevention. Ants are, unfortunately, a fact
of life and can always reappear. This will be determined on how closely
specific instructions are adhered to about prevention. Keep prepared with
all of the knowledge shared about what to do to Get Rid Of Little Black
Ants. Infestations can take more than one treatment to eliminate the pests
by pest control and again it can’t be stressed enough to keep the place
clean. Keep the home and property uninviting to ants by calling AMPM
Exterminators and the experienced and knowledgeable technicians will be
successful in ridding the home of the Ant Infestation. All homeowners and
business owners also signed up for recurring bi-monthly services. Bye bye
black ants.


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