The cold Winter weather in Renton, Washington is bringing a high volume of rat infestation. Both Commercial businesses and residences are being
affected and are in need of pest control services. One restaurant owner, in
Renton, discovered a rat in the kitchen food storage area. Next door, a
convenience store, was experiencing the same problem. The restaurant
proprietor did an online search for a pest eliminator. The choice made was
to notify AMPM Exterminators and the convenience owner had made the same choice of pest control for the rat problem.

Why choose pest control instead of Do-it-yourself methods:

Whether it’s a restaurant or a convenience store rats can and will work
hard to gain access to make home. Garbage/waste and food are major magnets
for rat populations. Once there is a rat sighting there’s sure to be more.
Do not wait or hesitate to get rid of the nasty pests. Do-it-yourself
methods are not always effective. There is the danger of people contracting
diseases via contact with the rat droppings and nesting areas. All food
sources can be contaminated. Both of the Commercial Businesses decided on
getting professional pest control and called AMPM Exterminators.

Think of the damage Rats can create:

Rats can and will be damaging to the two Renton Businesses. Which is a
highly stressful situation to be in. The ways that rats can create havoc
are many. By contaminating attics and crawl spaces, gnawing on electrical
wires and wood. Rats will even contaminate gardens and eat rotten food and
animal feces. A rat infestation can also affect peace of mind by causing
stress and worry for entire staff members and customers. There is the
possibility of a great financial loss for both Renton business owners. It
all comes back down to getting the experts in to eliminate the rat
infestation. AMPM Exterminators is the right choice.

Why the Renton Commercial Business owners needed Rat pest control:

The Renton restaurant and convenience store both needed rat infestations to
be exterminated. AMPM Exterminators was the choice as an experienced and
specialized rodent extermination company. The AMPM Exterminators
technician arrived and after conferring with the restaurant owner a
perimeter check of the building was done immediately. Which meant looking
for all entry points into the property. Such as holes, cracks and crevices.
The technician made sure all accessible areas were sealed to keep any
further entry for rats to get inside. There were specific instructions to
follow for providing a successful rat infestation eliminated . Even one
step omitted would mean the rats could remain comfy in the building. Next
door another AMPM Exterminators technician arrived at the convenience store
and started the same process for rat control.

What kind of steps to follow:

The AMPM Exterminators technicians both provided the required steps to
follow for s successful rat infestation elimination. For example, following
daily hygiene routines mapped out for the kitchen, food storage areas and
eating areas. Daily routines that would include cleaning and disinfecting
all areas where food is stored. For restaurants, the tables and condiment
containers should be wiped down with disinfectant wipes and not soiled
rags. Remember that these rodents can fit through tiny holes the size of a
dime and happy as clams to come to be wined and dined. Business owners
should always be in prevention mode. By being aware of any holes, cracks or
crevices in areas that need to be closed. For both of the Renton business
owners the professional technician was able to successfully find all entry
points immediately. Which solved the problem of any further activity and
accessibility for the pests before services were provided. Both owners
were advised to get the staff to clean everything. There was to be no food
left out on stoves, counters, in sinks or garbage waste on the floors.
Prevention measures will be a best friend in the end.

AMPM Exterminators

Professional pest control company with exterminators for bed bugs, little
black sugar ants, carpenter ants, rat control, house mice, rodent
control,birds,beetles, moths, flies, termites, wasps,yellowjackets and
hornets. Ampm Exterminators takes pride in family and pet friendly
effective pest control in King County areas of Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond,
Kirkland, Renton, Everett, Bothell, Issaquah and many more. Bedbugs
extermination services, Mouse Control, Rodent, Carpenter Ants, Spider
control are available to residential including single family residences,
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industrial establishments including warehouses and grocery stores.Attic and
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insulation removal & repair after rats,mice,squirrels,birds,bats
Infestation.Find answers to questions about cost facts, information, and
discover pest control tips, It is much easier, faster and cheaper to get
rid of any pest.Every home is different so repair costs may vary. Having
years of experienced inspections clients deserve customized solutions for
any type of pest problem. Pest control pricing will be divulged when
contacting AMPM Exterminators. Both clients were grateful for the
successful rat infestation elimination and would highly recommend to others
in need.

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