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Experts in pest control, providing effective solutions for homes and businesses with guaranteed results and professional service.

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 Seattle king county washington Exterminators are your local pest control experts . Extermination specialists are working in, living in, and contributing to our communities. Seattle pest control can eliminate and protect you from the pests that occur in the Pacific North West, including bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps and rodents. Exterminator has been trusted by customers to protect their homes and businesses.

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Our Services

Wood Treatments

Our expert wood treatments preserve and enhance the beauty and durability of your wood surfaces. From sealing and staining to termite protection, we offer tailored solutions that safeguard against decay and enhance the longevity of your woodwork.

Urban Bird

We provide Urban Bird services, ensuring safe habitats amidst cityscapes. Our initiatives support biodiversity, offering nesting sites, food sources, and conservation efforts. Together, we create urban sanctuaries where birds flourish amidst the hustle and bustle.

Bees Removal Service

Safely relocate and manage bee colonies, promoting conservation while ensuring homes and businesses remain free from bee-related concerns, using humane and effective methods.

Insect infestation service

Swift response and thorough treatment to eliminate insect pests, restoring comfort and hygiene to homes and businesses with eco-friendly methods tailored to your needs.

Rodent Control

Specialists in rodent control, delivering targeted solutions to eliminate infestations in homes and businesses. Our methods prioritize safety and effectiveness, ensuring a pest-free environment with meticulous attention to detail and customer peace of mind.

Weed Removal

Our efficient weed removal services restore pristine landscapes. Using eco-friendly methods, we eliminate weeds from gardens, lawns, and commercial properties. We ensure sustainable solutions that promote healthy growth and maintain aesthetic appeal.

Commercial pest control services

Commercial pest control services provide tailored solutions for businesses, ensuring effective management and prevention of pest issues through inspections, treatments, and ongoing monitoring for a clean, compliant environment.

Commercial building Extermination

Commercial building extermination offers specialized pest control solutions, ensuring thorough elimination of pests from offices, warehouses, and facilities. Tailored treatments maintain a pest-free environment for business operations and employee safety.

Multiplex properties pest control

Multiplex properties pest control services provide comprehensive solutions to manage and prevent pest issues in residential complexes, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for residents and visitors alike.

The Pests

Cockroach Control

Fly Control

Yellow Jacket Control

Carpenter Bees Control

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Why Choose Us

One-time Extermination

Swift and thorough pest removal service ensuring immediate relief and long-term peace of mind.

Monthly Maintenance

Regular, reliable service to keep spaces pest-free and maintain optimal conditions year-round.

Full Service Pest Removal

Comprehensive solutions for complete pest eradication, ensuring a pest-free environment with expert care.

Competitive Prices

Affordable rates without compromising quality, ensuring cost-effective solutions for all your pest control needs.

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